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Thailand candy tin box success case appreciation

Thailand candy tin box success case appreciation


Speaking of snacks, we don't leave candy behind. Sweet, not only children like, adults also love. Eating sweets has been shown to make you feel good, increase your level of excitement and improve your memory.

There are many kinds of candy, including hard candy, soft candy, toffee, bonbons and so on. Like the fruit candy we often eat, lollipops, mint candy,chocolate beans are a kind of candy. In recent years, with the improvement of consumption level, candy brands emerge in endlessly, and how to stand out has become one of the tests for merchants.

Although the candy is good, how can it be sold at a good price without a good tin packaging?

Reviewing the development of candy, it is not difficult to find that in addition to functional selling points, packaging is also unique. With the development of candy, more and more businesses attract customers through creative packaging. During a lot of packaging methods, the candy tin box is unique characteristics.

Recently, we have worked with a candy tin box customer, he is candy traders from Thailand, similar to the German clients in mentioned last month, his mainly business is exporting candies, he bought the candy tin boxes in Thailand before, but the box is normal design, the price is too expensive, our customer knew the metal can industry is mature and perfect in China, its cost-effective, so they found us through Internet, After a period of communication and negotiation, we established and cooperated with each other they ordered a batch of Swiss candy tin boxes, and we customized the designs and provided one-stop service for them.

The client is from Shanghai, resident in Bangkok, Thailand. This time, they have placed a total order of three 40HQ containers, three designs, the quantity: 151600pcs, total 160,114 dollars, the customer said that they will visit the factory sometime.

In fact, using tin boxes as raw materials for candy packaging, compared with plastic packaging, the production process is simpler, and the material is more unique. Enterprises can also design different shapes of metal tin boxes according to different product capacity, shape, product characteristics and other factors, in order to better meet the needs of customers.

At the same time, the unique sealing and shading of the tin can well protect the luster, fragrance and shape of the product. Tin box can also prevent microbial and dust pollution, improve the hygiene and safety of products. In view of the many advantages of tin box packaging, many candy brands rushed to launch new tin boxes.

Jinyu tinbox factory as a candy tin manufacturers, we have produced countless of candy and sweet tin boxes, the series of candy tin has a variety of shapes, such as round, rectangular, heart shape, oval shape and so on.Nearly a hundred candy tin molds, its mainly used for candy gifts, daily candy snacks, wedding candy and other sweet products packaging. For example,a heart-shaped chocolate tin box, is a perfect gift for a loved ones.

Our candy tin box raw materials are made of food grade tinplate + environmental ink printing, advanced Fuji F453 printing machines, printing mode can choose four color printing and Pantone color printing , the box surface can choose matte, glossy, explosion oil, orange oil, embossment and other process effects. There are more specifications and styles in Jinyu tinbox factory, you are welcome to consult and buy.

Globally, more and more candies suppliers are focusing on packaging. Consumers not only have higher requirements for the taste of candy, but also pay more attention to the "appearance level" of candy. How can they stand out in the dazzling array of candy, attract the attention of consumers, promote the purchase behavior, packaging is very important. Jinyu company focus on tinplate box packaging customization, to provide you with one-stop packaging solutions.

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