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Round tinplate box packing

Round tinplate box packing


  As we all know, tinplate is widely used as a packaging material for food and beverage, as well as for oil cans, chemical cans and other types of cans. The advantages and characteristics of tinplate packaging provide good protection for the packaged products.
  Round tinplate box packing
  A ton of tin can cover more than 7,000 square meters of iron, so tinplate is very common, and very cheap.The biggest demand for tin is the canning industry.If carefully protected, tinplate can be used for more than a decade without rust.However, if the tin on the surface is accidentally broken, the sheet will soon be corroded , and soon the whole tinplate will be covered with red and brown iron rust spots.So, when using tinplate, should pay attention not to make tin layer damaged, also do not make it damp and hot.
  Tea tinplate box packing
  Advantages of using tinplate box to package products:First, tinplate material is environmentally friendly;Second, tinplate box packaging is very high-end, if the product positioning is high-end products or luxury goods, tinplate box packaging is very good.When you eat moon cakes, you will feel that the better moon cakes are usually packed in tinplate boxes; Thirdly, the printing of the iron box is completely controlled by the customer. A designed printing will also bring out the grade of the product. Moreover, the iron box can also be carved to bring out the customer's LOGO, which is impossible for the paper box.Tinplate metal packaging of food can ensure food hygiene, minimize the possibility of toxicity, effectively prevent health risks.Beverage can with tinplate metal packaging can be used for filling juice, coffee, tea and sports drinks, but also can be filled with coke, soda, beer and other beverages.And the machinability of tinplate can makes its can type change much, no matter tall, short, big, small, or square, or round, can satisfy the demand of diversification of beverage packaging and consumer hobby at present.
  Biscuit tin box packing
  Tinplate is the best packaging material for chemicals because of its strong material, good protection, non-deformation, shock resistance and fire resistance.Spray cans can be made of tinplate that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.Tinplate can now be used in high and middle grade food packaging, tea, moon cakes, food using tinplate packaging more and more.
  Tinplate packaging printing effect is very good, and very environmental protection, therefore, tinplate popular with people from all walks of life.ANHUI JINYU METAL PRINTING & CAN CO.,LTD is a specialized manufacturer of customized tinplate box packaging. If you need customized tinplate boxes for different purposes, please contact us. We can provide one-stop tinplate box packaging solutions.

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