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  The ancients said, "if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools."Whether ancient scholars or modern scholars, the instruments of the study are essential, especially rich collection function of the writing case.So, do you remember the first pencil case?
  The pencil-case of the ancients
  Before we talk about our first pencil case, let's take a look at what ancient people's pencil case looked like.
  Since the ancients of the stationery box, the qianlong emperor's travel stationery box must have a name yes, others are stationery box,qianlong emperor is a stationery box!It is no wonder that there are as many as 40 or 50 kinds of stationery of the ancients, which need a box to collect.
  At that time this travel stationery box appeared, immediately won qianlong's love. The box is made of rosewood and can be opened as a table and closed as a box. There are two drawer boxes in the box, each drawer box is divided up and down two duo bao case, can place 64 study room four treasures and study room utensils, even received a backgchess box. The whole box is arranged in a fixed position according to the shape and size of different utensils. The design is ingenious and the structure is reasonable, which is amazing. Today, it's a rare national treasure.
  The writing case of the ancients is so delicate, fastidious to every detail, this is also just to witness, the carefulness of ancient craftsmen and hard work of each, is also the beauty of ancient life show.
  A small pencil case witnessed the change of time.
  Today's pencil case
  A single layer iron box from the 1970s.
  The wonderful use of stationery iron box
  At that time, the pencilbox was just a thin tin box with popular patterns such as nezha's trouble the sea, calabash baby and astro boy on the iron wall printed on the box. The box can only be put pen, eraser, knife, ruler and other small stationery, if the stationery a little higher, it can not be put down. The best feature of this pencilbox is that the inner cover is printed with the multiplication table and the unit of length conversion table.
  Fashion stationery iron box
  The multilayer iron box of 90 time, the classification that suits stationery most is put.
  This is a super luxury version of the stationery box, open the box, there are three layers of lattice exposed, the first layer put pen, the second time put ruler, compass, the third time can put small things. Not only that, it also adds magnifying glass, curriculum, thermometer, calendar table, pencil fixing card slot and so on. A pencil-box capacity, everything inside, as if to open the treasure box.
  Car stationery iron box
  00 hind cloth qualitative pen bag, returned contracted.
  The cloth qualitative pen bag of regular section, function is simple, design is rich, modelling is diversiform, contracted and long strip, strange fruit, animal, shoe cap. Inside does not have any limitation, some have a few simple meshes shape, some connect meshes all do not have, the thing is put more optional. Some are even designed in the form of cosmetic bags that can be simply inserted with a few pens.
  Stationery tin box manufacturer
  China has a history of five thousand years. Time has flowed through the long river of history. In this long period of time, many artifacts have changed silently. And this small pencil-box, from the ancient exquisite, to the founding of the simple, and then to the later rich and diverse, and return to the present simplicity, which spans the millennium history of change, witnessed a good time all the way.

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