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Jinyu tin trays enjoy a good reputation abroad and popular with customers

Jinyu tin trays enjoy a good reputation abroad and popular with customers


The trays produced by Jinyu tin products factory are sold well overseas.The favorable price and excellent quality make our rolling tin trays popular with overseas customers.Jinyu tin products factory,with 9 years of experience in foreign trade export,has a continuous inquiries for rolling tin trays.

When our customer service staff received this inquiry of tin tray from foreign customer,the inquiry was assigned to Mr. Shen,one new saleman.This is a challenge and an opportunity.

When Mr. Shen received the inquiry,he found that there was a problem,the quantity was insufficient.We are customized tinplate products,which will determine the quantity of order based on the complexity of the craft,so this order doesnt reach the quantity(MOQ).

So give up?Of course not!Our colleagues of domestic trade department received tin trays enquiries,but the quantity did not reach the MOQ.He had a idea,why not combinate these orders together?It can guarantee that every customer can buy our tin trays and enjoy a favorable price,which is called win-win.

Under the contact and communication of Mr. Shen,our three customers accepted his suggestion and placed orders."Actually,this order can be successful,not only the result of my own efforts,but also the help of my colleagues.They told me that they had some customers with small quantity,and gave me the contact information,I can communicate with them, and ultimately achieve a win-win result."Mr. Shen said.

It is not hard to see the degree of popularity tin tray.Jinyu specialized in tin box for 10 years,with nine years of experience in foreign trade export,with more than 200 sets of international advanced equipment,more than 200 skilled workers,more than 1000 sets of existing mold,scope of business covers more than 30 countries and regions,such as Europe,America,southeast Asia,is the world's top companies tin box packaging suppliers long-term cooperation.These advantages make jinyu famous overseas and more and more customers want to cooperate with us.

Superior products cannot be separated from good sales,good sales is not the individual success, but the success of the team.The value of a salesperson is not self-admiration,but unity.Only the sales twisted into a rope can give play to its real strength.This is the secret of jinyu,but also more powerful enterprises do the foundation.

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