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If you don't understand the customization of the tin box, come here!

If you don't understand the customization of the tin box, come here!


Hello, TINBOX!

If you don't understand the customization of the tin box, come here!

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Merchants are most concerned about product sales. To increase product sales, they must package products. Its significance and role are self-evident. Packaging must not only give consumers a nice, beautiful and comfortable feeling. At the same time, it can also protect the inner quality of the product from harm. The tin box packaging is the common choice of many businesses.


Here is a summary of ten common problems based on the experience of tin box customization, which is a must-see for custom tin boxes.

1. What is the difference between four-color printing and spot-color printing?

The four-color printing in the tin box packaging printing refers to displaying the pattern colors in the customer's design after the four colors of CMYK are superimposed and printed in a certain proportion. The tin box packaging spot color printing (paton color), when printing strictly according to the paton color color card, the printing effect color is more fuller than the four-color printing color.

2. Is there a minimum order quantity for customization?

Jinyu Tin box has been focusing on tin box customization for 13 years. According to the different requirements of the size of the tin box, the printing process, the structure of the tin box, and the thickness of the tin box, the minimum order quantity is also different. The conventional minimum order quantity is 5000 pieces.

3. Is there a lead time for custom tin boxes? Product proofing time?

The time for customizing a tin box is calculated based on the number of orders placed by the customer and whether there are ready-made molds;

The first situation is: customizing the tin box with our existing mold or the customer's ready-made mold, the entire production cycle is about 30 days;

The second situation is: custom molds for new products, according to the product size and structure, mold development time is about 12-15 days, and the sample time is 10-20 days, which can also be carried out simultaneously;

The third situation is: using existing products to adjust the height or part of the structure of the iron box, the mold modification time is about 7-12 days; according to the simple or complex design and the off-peak season, the time will be increased or decreased appropriately.

4. Is there a unified price list for tin box customization?

The answer is no. Different products have different customized prices, which are affected by many factors such as mold cost, printing, size, quantity, iron thickness, and craftsmanship.

5. Are there any special restrictions on tin box customization?

Jinyu Tin can customize tinplate tin box packaging products for you according to the different requirements of each customer (such as: printing, size, quantity, thickness, craftsmanship, etc.).

6. Will the customized quantity affect the price?

The production line cost of customizing a tin box is fixed, and the price of the tin box is related to the customized quantity. The more the quantity, the lower the price of a single tin box. On the contrary, the smaller the quantity, the higher the price.

7. Can the mold cost be refunded?

Newly opened tin box molds at Jinyu Can can be returned when the total quantity is accumulated to a certain amount according to the product specifications and production quantity.

8. What is the custom payment process for iron boxes?

Jinyu Tin box is a custom-made tin box manufacturer. After the supplier and the demander negotiate and sign the tin box production contract, the buyer chooses to pay 30%-50% of the deposit payment. After the mass production of the tin box is completed, the buyer confirms that there is no problem and the supplier pays the balance. Arrangements for delivery.

9. If you want to upgrade the product grade, what kind of product is suitable for spot color printing?

When the layout has a large area of background color, the saturation is relatively high or there are gold and silver in the design draft, it is recommended to use spot colors. The two colors of gold and silver are more special. It is recommended to use spot color printing to be more translucent

10. If considering cost performance, can spot color printing and four-color printing of the same product be used at the same time?

The printing design layout of a tin box packaging requires both the layering of the picture and the large area of background color. Then the design that needs to express the level of the picture uses four-color printing, and the large area of background color uses spot color printing; or Spot color printing is used for the part that needs to be prominent in the customer's design style. This kind of printing cost increase is very small, the grade of the product can be improved, and it is a very cost-effective matching method

The above are some of the problems that Jinyu tin box manufacturers have to sort out tin boxes. Our company has customized more than ten tinplate boxes and tin cans. Welcome to cooperate!

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