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How to judge the quality of tin box packaging

How to judge the quality of tin box packaging


Tea is generally packaged in iron boxes. In addition to looking more beautiful, the exquisite iron box packaging is more high-end and atmospheric. When people buy tea, they not only pay attention to the quality of the tea, but also pay attention to the quality of the iron box. A high-quality iron box will add color to the tea. How to judge the quality of iron box customization? The following editor will introduce a few identification methods for you.

Method one: smell the tin box for any peculiar smell. The tea tin box is generally made of tin plate, the packaging material has no peculiar smell, good moisture resistance, strong sealing, and can reduce contact with air. Tin-iron alloy made of tin-plated iron alloy has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength, and good elongation. It has become the main material for making tea tin boxes, so it can also be called Macu tin box tea packaging.

Method two, look at the sealing effect of the tin box. The sealing effect of the tea tin box should not be ignored. Tea leaves need to be sealed and stored. If exposed for a long time, it will easily affect the quality of the tea. Therefore, when choosing a tea packaging box, you also need to consider the sealing effect of the tea inner packaging. There are many types of tea tin boxes, and Chinese tea culture has a long history. People are very particular about tea. For some high-end tea, the type of packaging box needs to be selected to achieve the effect of tea opening. Tea tin box packaging is the first choice.

Method three, look at the color, look at the weight. Generally speaking, the tea iron on the top can be polished with silver and bright colors, and you can see the light and dark texture effects of black, white and gray, so that the tin products are exquisite and colorful. It is a kind of fine tin utensils. . In addition, you can also see the sealing of the bottle cap, the tin made of pure iron cans has good sealing performance, and the sealing effect can be achieved by using the outer cap. Look at the weight of the tea iron box. Two tin cans of the same size are heavier and heavier. Iron cans are mixed with other metals (such as lead) and are heavier than pure tin cans.


The above is the method of judging the quality of the tin box that I have compiled. When judging the quality of the tin box, you should carefully distinguish according to the above methods. After all, good tea still needs good packaging to match. I hope the above methods can help you.

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