12 Years’ Experience in Manufacturing Tin Box

How many years of experience does Jinyu have in exports?

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Anhui Jinyu Metal Printing & Can Co., Ltd. has started our fossil tin boxes export business since inception. We've gathered much overseas exchange expertise and have developed a broad network of international customers in the majority of important countries. We've completed a very wonderful company selling globally via our own site and a few third-party e-commerce websites. Our team draw pragmatic knowledge gained from export expertise and run superior support for you.

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Jinyu is one of leading entities which focused on the production of small metal tins. The tin tray series has become a hot product of Jinyu. The production process of Jinyu small metal tins has been standardized by using the advanced technology.  The product is comfortable. It is able to distribute the stress or weight across the feet and decrease the landing impact.

Anhui Jinyu Metal Printing & Can Co., Ltd. is a small metal tin box manufacturer at home and abroad. The tin tray series has become a hot product of Jinyu. The product is slipping resistance. The materials used have offered enough adhesion and traction to the feet to avoid slipping.  Jinyu's service team always respect every customers.

Fully implementing the strategy of tin tray boosts the development of our team. Driven by coffee tin, we strive to build a leading company in the industry. Contact!


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