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An emotional chocolate tin box packaging

An emotional chocolate tin box packaging


Some time ago,I was watching the TV show called "Wife's Romantic Travel".In the third place of the trip,they came to the "Home of Chocolate" in Belgium.With the development of international trade,more and more chocolates in Europe have been imported to our country and promoted the development of the chocolate tin box packaging industry!

Leonidas,Belgium,originated in 1913,all LEONIDAS chocolates were made in Brussels,raw materials are very good,very high-quality materials:pure cocoa,fresh Milk and cream,Turkish hazelnuts,Italian almonds,Mario cherries,as many as 80 different flavors,are also the only fresh chocolates,and each chocolate is no more than 4 weeks from made to taste in person.

With the popularity of fresh chocolate,the weather in Europe is generally hot and humid.Its transportation,preservation and other issues have become a headache for sellers.Jinyu 9 years foreign trade experience,our tin boxes are exported to more than 30 countries overseas and solve the unfixed and fresh-keeping of chocolate tin box packaging.

At present,in addition to the conventional square and round chocolate tin box,the most classic is the heart-shaped chocolate tin box,which is popular both at home and abroad.It is suitable for wedding gift,candy and other tin box packaging and mini shape easy to carry it with you,whether you want to surprise TA on Valentine's Day or pack delicate candy,this chocolate tin box is the best choice to express your love!

Jinyu provide you with high-quality tin box packaging,which can be customized.If you want to make your products more valuable,welcome to join us!

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