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2021 tea can combination packaging-make the product more eye-catching !

2021 tea can combination packaging-make the product more eye-catching !


" The competition among peers is getting bigger and bigger ! " . For most tea merchants and tea enterprises , they must have a deep understanding . The large tea market means high competition . Tea packaging has become a very key element of market competition . The beautifully packaged and fashionable tea tin cans are more favored by customers.In order to cater to the ever-changing market demand, the packaging of tea tin cans cannot be set in stone!

This year, our company customized the new combination tea cans for Fujian tea enterprises, with the same can type in two categories. The green tin cans for green tea and the red tin cans for scented tea make the packaging of this product highly recognizable.

Tea Caddy Custom Case

As a veritable "hometown of tea", Fujian Province has a long tea history and cultural accumulation. It is the birthplace of oolong tea, green tea, and white tea. Wuyi rock tea, Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, and Baihao Yinzhen are even more famous at home and abroad.

The size of this tea tin can be 98*74*173mm . It is processed and produced by the existing molds of our factory . The whole can look tall without losing its beauty , and it is also very convenient to hold with one hand . The lid of the tea can be made of an inner plug , and the lid and the can body use the same color scheme . The overall feeling is very strong , which not only greatly enhances the aesthetics , but also improves the grade level of the tea tin can .

"The world's tea sees China,and Chinese tea sees Fujian." Of course,the unstoppable fragrance of Fujian tea should not be lost in the packaging . The tea tin cans be tightly sealed and packed with an inner film bag,which is not only moisture-proof and odor-proof , but also more elegant and applicable.

As a customized tin box packaging company , Jinyu can create exclusive tin tin can package for customers . Our company has more than ten years of tea tin can design and production experience and the advantage of more than 1,000 molds . There is a need for tin box customization . Friends of you can contact us for advice.

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